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Using the award-winning children’s book, The Story of Ruby Bridges, students will explore the national impact of the Supreme Court decision, Brown v. Board of Education, and then compare the story of Ruby Bridges and her integration of schools in New Orleans, Louisiana, to that of Elaine Whittenberg, in Greenville, South Carolina.

Student Worksheet

Leading the Way to Change

Print this worksheet for your students or project to the classroom smart board and work together as a group.

Lesson Plan Resources

Use these resources to complete the “Leading the Way to Change” worksheet.

Ruby Bridges

Brown v. BOE

Greenville News

Video Resources

This brief, yet powerful video highlights some of the student activists who led protests here in Greenville County.

Leola Clement (Robinson-Simpson) challenges the segregation of Greenville First Baptist Church in 1960.

Sterling High School students, Dorris Wright and Benjamin Downs, share their experiences protesting in lunch counter sit-ins.

Reverend J.S. Hall and wife, Elizabeth, share about Greenville’s first protest on the DT Airport following a visit from Jackie Robinson.

GCSD integrated on February 17, 1970. The integration was court ordered, and these are the stories of some of the history makers.

A PowerPoint Presentation created by the UHM Education Department that includes a timeline of events regarding Greenville’s CRM.