WWII in the Upcountry

World War II was often referred to as a “Total War.” This meant that every aspect of American life was impacted by the war. Explore the resources below to learn more about the impact within the Upcountry.

Training in the Upcountry

Life on the GAAB

The Greenville Army Air Base was officially activated in June 1942.

Explore old photographs, read a recruit’s handwritten letter to his “Darling,” and learn more about training and life on the GAAB through a newsletter created by the UHM Education Department.

Welcome to Basic Training

70,000 men trained at Camp Croft each year of WWII.

Learn about basic Army training, exercise your brain with a mock entry test, explore old photographs of life on base, and learn the “lay of the land” with an old base map.

War on the Homefront

UHM Collections

War in the Upcountry

Quick History of Victory Gardens

Posters of War

Group Activity

After familiarizing yourself with the story of Sadako Sasaki, create an origami paper crane. For more detailed instructions, click here.